Every email marketer is looking for an edge—that one tool or trick to make their campaigns stand out in a field of competition. But what if what we really need has been under our noses (or, at least, on our dinner plates) this whole time?

With recent advances in technology, emails can now literally be sent by lettuce. But what happens when more substantial crops like beets, carrots, and sweet potatoes start sending campaigns? And how can email marketers take advantage of vegetable-powered campaigns to serve up a huge helping of valuable content to hungry subscribers?

Join Litmus’ Jason Rodriguez, Mike Nelson from Really Good Emails, and Lianna Patch from Punchline Copy as they dig into healthier alternatives to traditional email marketing and learn:

  • How and why email marketers should embrace produce-powered emails
  • Which analytics marketers should chew on the most
  • And how a little humor—and a few heads of lettuce—can go a long way toward building better subscriber relationships
Meet Your Presenters
Jason Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez Community & Product Evangelist, Litmus
Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson Founder, Really Good Emails
Lianna Patch
Lianna Patch Owner, Punchline Conversion Copywriting